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Submitted By: Grant LeMahieu
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Geek Squad/Best Buy: Repair my daughter's Dell Laptop.
-too laptop to local store to fix missing keys that fell off keyboard, and to repair hinge and cover that became binding on one corner.
-local Geeks sent to "Geek Central"
-"Geek Central" called us with estimate for those repairs and we approved, but we had to call our "Local Geeks" in order to do so!
-then, "Geek central" called to say they needed to put a new motherboard in for $400. Again, I could not call them back directly, I needed to call "local Geeks" who had to try and figure out what was going on.
-laptop processor worked fine at the store when we brought it in for repairs. It does only work on AC adapter which is fine for us.
-Now, I called to instruct "Local Geeks" to be my SERVICE AGENTS and tell them that if I can not have two way communciation with "Geek Central" then, I do not want them to call us anymore and want to work with the "Local Head Geek" only!
-I should have sent it direct to Dell...Arghhhh!!!

Posted on May 3rd, 2010 

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