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Delta Airlines: arrogant and short sighted

Submitted By: dana hurwitz
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Delta Airlines is indifferent to the customer experience...or worse.

Situation: Bad weather happens. They don't control the weather. But they do control how they respond to it, and could make the customer's life easier. That is, if they cared. (not!)

To wit: NYC, 3/13/2010: a huge rainstorm, 60MPH winds, forecasted for three days ahead of the event. All day, flights are being cancelled...cancelled...cancelled.

What does Delta Airlines do?

1. Cancel the flights early enough to save people the trip to the airport? NO

2. Cancel the flight before they do check in/ check luggage? NO

3. Have extra service people on hand at JFK to handle the HUGE lines once flight was cancelled, to help with rebooking? NO

4. Offer to move people to another carrier once their own flights filled up? NO

5. Help you get your luggage back? NO

I could go on, but why bother.

After all, they got me on a flight to London 3(THREE!) days later...

And, they told me to "trust them" with my luggage. Even though I had to leave the airport without it (because they couldn't figure out a way to retrieve it), they promise it will magically reappear on my flight to London 3 days from now (HAH! )

Wrap-up: 4 hours later, I am heading home-- $100 poorer (transportation), without luggage (probably gone forever), aggravated, cheated of 3 days of my trip...

I know, dear reader, this is an old story and you've heard it all before. Nothing new...people complain about poor airline service all the time.

BUt: much of my pain could have been avoided if Delta Airlines had anticipated and thought through their response from the customer's point of view. Is it that they don't care? Are they are incapable?

I will never fly Delta again!

Posted on March 13th, 2010 

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