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Invisible customer

Submitted By: Ann Brown
Company: Bread Garden  Company Rank: -60

I went into the local, brand new, Bread Garden - just want a coffee to go. Four staff in the cafe, one working the counter. This gentleman was making coffee for a customer. I stood there for 5 minutes without one person saying "I'll be right with you" or even offering a smile or a nod to acknowledge I was even there. I left!! Went round the corner to a little coffee shop I used to frequent and was greeted with "how are you - long time no see". Guess where I'm going in future!

Posted on March 10th, 2010 


iconDevon on Nov 30, 1999

I'm from the caribbean, Trinidad. Your experience was basically not well trainded adviced workers @ Bread Garden. The little coffe shop in my experience been on the block knows about competition and how to win customers... some new stores lack workers with experience, but in a time of recession people with degrees/ masters working as a janitor should not look at mopping floors as a decline in pride and behavior/ attitude to work but incentive to build a name for them selves and be curtious, cause they will never know, if a trillionaire/person consider them as key person to have in there business and not as a janitor but a position which reflects there personality, attitude and attire...


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