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Integration and Connecting Flights

Submitted By: Joseph Jaffe
Company: American Airlines  Company Rank: -40

I was flying from LAS to LGA via DFW trying to beat the impending snow in the Tri-State area.

Long story short, we were delayed by about an hour out of Vegas due to a late inbound flight and then apparently frost on the wings which needed to be de-iced (not sure why they realized when we were taxiing, but whatever...)

So we arrive at DFW at Terminal D, which is about 20 minutes away (!) from Terminal C (where I need to be) and it's going to be touch and go to make my connection.

I call Executive Platinum (twice) and ask them if they can call the gate and let them know that I'm on my way.

Bottom line: I arrive at the gate 7 minutes (roughly) before the flight is scheduled to leave. The plane is at the gate. The gate agent is nowhere to be found. I miss my flight.

Even though I was automatically rebooked, here's why I had a bad experience:
- I'm Executive Platinum and I expect more...
- Why couldn't the gate agent have held the flight for 2 or 3 minutes? Especially - Murphy's Law - when the flight leaves EARLY?
- why couldn't Exec Platinum have brought one of those golf carts to meet me at D gate?

Companies have *got* to connect the dots and transform challenges into moments of truth.

Posted on February 10th, 2010 

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