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Union Square BestBuy has Horrible Service

Submitted By: Bill Hanff
Company: BestBuy  Company Rank: -50

I have been to the new Best Buy on Union Square a few times, and have yet to have a good experience there. The staff sucks!

First time I went there, and was looking for a specific product, the 2 employees were standing there chatting, and as I approached the one holds his finger up to me while he finished what he the story he was telling to the other one. I would understand if he was helping another customer, but he was chatting with his friend! I had a finger of my own to share with him as I left the store to go shop somewhere else.

A few weeks later, I went there again, and the same thing, employees chatting and ignoring me until they had finished their conversation about taking their shoes off when they were working behind the counter (as if I needed to know that). Once they had finished their chat, I asked the guy where I would find the product I was looking for, and instead of really helping me, he half stood up, counted the isles, and said "it should be somewhere down isle 4". Gee, thanks for your effort and all your help.

Unbelievably bad service! If the store was not so conveniently located, I would never go in there again... as it is I will avoid it as much as possible.

Posted on February 9th, 2010 

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